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This website explains the step-by-step process of how to print or send out bulk personalized letters or emails using Mail Merge Word 2003.

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If you have Word 2007 don’t worry, the process is exactly the same


Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 1: Write or create your letter or email in Word.  


To begin the Mail Merge follow;


Word 2003: Tools > Letters and Mailings > Mail Merge

Word 2007: Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard


A banner, like the one you can see on the left, will appear on the right side of your screen. Select the document type you wish to produce and click Next: Starting Document located at the bottom of the banner.



Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 1 Select Document Type

Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 2: Navigate to your database.  


If you want to use the document you are currently in select; Use the current document.


If you have another saved word file you’d like to use select; Start from existing document and then navigate to that file.


Since we’re already in the document we want to use just move on and click Next: Select recipients at the bottom of the banner.


We will now select the people whom we want to send our letter / email.


Select; Use an existing list. Click on Browse.


Either select the SQL database you wish to use, or if you’re using an excel database; navigate through your folders to the location of your database and select it.


For this example I’m going to be using an excel database.

Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 2 - Select Recipients

Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 3: Select your database and recipients.  


When your database is selected a window similar to the one above (yours will have different values in it), will appear (if this doesn’t happen, you haven’t set up your database correctly).


Make sure you select the value which most closely resembles your database file name


Check the box which says First row of data contains column headers and then click OK.





Mail Merge Word 2003 - Select Table
Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 4: Edit your recipients.  


The following screen (above) will appear with all of your data fields selected. Now is the time to add or remove recipients. Uncheck the ones you don’t want to print/send and click OK.


At the bottom of the banner Click Next: Write your letter or email message.




Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 5: Inserting your merge fields (personalization)  


Move the cursor on your letter/email to the place you want to insert the merge field.


More items: this is the ONLY command you should use. It is the easiest and fastest.


Address block and greeting line are also ok, but once you use them I’m sure you’ll agree too that More items is the best.


Go ahead and click on More items.



Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 5 - Write Your Message
Mail Merge Word 2003 - Insert Merge Field
Mail Merge Word 2003 - Preview and Complete the Merge
Mail Merge Word 2003 - Step 6: Preview your results and complete the merge  

This page will show you what your finished products will look like. Be sure to scroll through a few to see what they’re like.

This is important because sometimes longer fields can spread over into a new line and this can distort your formatting.

Once you’re satisfied with the preview results click;

Next: Complete the merge

If you are doing letters the next screen will have a Print... option. Click on print and your regular printing options will appear and you can print your personalized letters.

If you are sending emails you just need to click on Electronic Mail... Make sure you enter in a good subject line and select your email field next to the To: command.

Click OK and your emails will start transferring into your Outlook Outbox and begin sending.
Mail Merge Word 2007 - Video Guide.

This video is done in Word 2007, but the process is the same for 2003.
Select the database field you want to insert and click on Insert then Cancel.


Continue this process throughout the document until you have inserted all of the Database Fields that you want to use.


Click Next: Preview your letter/email message.




Note: Before you do your mail merge I highly suggest downloading a free trial version of the Mail Merge Toolkit from Mapilab here’s the link. Go to the Download Demo tab in the bottom right-hand corner.


This software gives you the ability to add merge fields (names, addresses, etc) into the email subject line. This will increase your response rate by up to 400%! Really a no-brainer...

Note: Before you do your mail merge I highly suggest downloading a free trial version of the Mail Merge Toolkit from Mapilab here’s the link. Go to the Download Demo tab in the bottom right-hand corner.

If you have the Mail Merge Toolkit Software you will get the additional options of inserting specified Cc:, Bcc: fields as well as the ability to insert ANY of your database fields into the Subject line! - This is a big DEAL, especially if you are using Mail Merge as a marketing tool.

A personalized subject line will give you a massive increase in the amount of emails that get opened and read.  

You also have the ability to attach files with the Mail Merge Toolkit (handy for newsletters and the like).

Really a no-brainer...
Mail Merge Tool Kit
Important Information for Mail Merge Emails!